Texas is a big place, not as big as its Cyber Attacks however.

Texas is a very big state, enormous in fact. With just under 30 million residents it’s the second largest state in the United States, it has a land mass twice the size of Germany, and a GDP larger than Russia. Texans like to boast, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, and usually that’s a good thing to brag about. This time bigger certainly wasn’t better.

News hit last month that 22 government organisations in the Lone Wolf State were under attack by structured & sophisticated ransomware attacks. It’s a timely reminder that as attacks continue to evolve, it’s crucial that your protection evolves even quicker.

How do you avoid sophisticated ransomware attacks?

So, how can you help ensure your organisation isn’t the next victim of worldwide cyber threats?

Firstly, does your security solution provide or have industry-leading technology to ensure attackers can’t use old, vulnerable software programs to distribute and install ransomware into your IT systems?

Dromaeus can perform tests on your systems to ensure they are safe & secure, with confirmation that your business is abiding to appropriate methods, including penetration testing and intrusion testing, however the very basic elements of patching endpoints with vendor security patching, ensuring antivirus is up to date is the often overlooked start point.

Should that not prevent an attack, or should an exploit not be leveraged – how will your solution stop attacks it’s never seen?

So why not choose your local IT specialists to keep your Business infection free! That’s no mean feat in the current climate. We use a multi-layer approach of services and products to keep your systems running virus-free and we can manage your email too, to keep them from infecting your business IT.

Keeping a constant lookout on the security that is deployed in your systems.

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