Do you struggle to create a strong, secure password?

We all have a broad digital footprint in this generation. We visit several hundred separate websites for countless things like banking transactions, social media, online shopping and much more.

All these websites encourage us to make accounts so that we can keep track of all our endeavours. To safeguard these accounts, we need passwords. Passwords that must be at least 8 characters with at least one special character, one capital letter and one or more numbers. The only problem is recollecting so many distinct passwords becomes a very exhausting task.

Let’s first comprehend what goes into establishing a strong password in the first place.


The traits of a Strong, almost encrypted Password

According to specialists, the power of a password is precisely related to the amount of time and computing power needed to break it. Thus, the more intricate the password, the stronger it is. Follow these standards:

  1. Make your password as long as possible
  2. Do not use ordinary dictionary words
  3. Do not use simple keyboard patterns
  4. Produce a masterpiece with everything available on the keyboard
  5. Do not recycle your passwords on each site

You’re probably thinking, if we follow all these recommendations, there is no way to remember so many unique passwords. And storing passwords securely is another colossal task. Not to worry. Today we will discuss how to set strong passwords that are unforgettable.


How to set memorable strong passwords

Memorizing a 12-character long password with alphanumeric forms and special characters requires skill. This is the main reason that most of us choose such simple, hopeless passwords. Just apply these techniques and you can have a memorable strong password.

  1. Use sentences as your password

Pick your favourite sentence from a song, book or from a movie. Turn that into your password. For example, take this dialogue from the movie The Godfather, ‘Great men are not born great, they grow great’, which transforms into a password like ‘GtMnrntbngrt,tygwg8’. You can have an infinite supply of strong passwords with this approach.

  1. Use the keyboard as your canvas

Turn your keyboard into a canvas and then draw a pattern of your preference. The keys that your pattern touches can then develop your password.


  1. Reverse your password

Occasionally the simplest thing can be the best answer. As is in this case. Pick your favourite thing and put it in reverse to get a strong password. Take, for example, I enjoy blackcurrants, so I can use ‘stnarruckcalb@#789’ as my password with added characters.

These are just a few tips to create strong passwords that you will be able to remember easily. There are several other ways you can mend these to create something suitable for you. Play around keeping in mind the basic guidelines and you will never be short of strong passwords to protect your valuable things.


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