AssistRaptor® PAYG

Experts On-Call Without Employing Full-Time Staff

Service Overview

Our cost-effective pay-as-you-go IT support service was designed to offer complementary support to your business and existing IT department without tying you into a monthly contract arrangement – Just pay for the level of service you require.

Perfect for emergency situations, one-off incidents, project work, consultation services and for those of you who already have an IT department in place but would benefit from additional resources, Dromaeus will provide you with the same level of service that is available to all of our partners globally.

The Benefits Of AssistRaptor® PAYG

We differ in 4 ways from other emergency and ad-hoc IT support service providers:

  • There is no need to block-book or pre-purchase.
  • All of our pricing is up-front and transparent. We charge at a standard rate per-hour plus our fee for call-out.
  • We guarantee to fix your issue and we have an agreed maximum for billable hours.
  • We have an enterprise-class system for ticket management which allows us to give you timely updates on progress and to keep you fully informed at all times.

When it comes to project work with more involved requirements, we operate on an agreed fixed-price arrangement for the implementation of the entire project.

How Can We Help?

Ad-hoc and emergency problems – we’re on hand if you require immediate expertise or assistance, whether in an emergency when remote support is needed urgently, whether a speedy onsite visit is required (for example in the case of a critical server failure) or simply for an intermittent or one-off issue which requires a fast resolution.

ICT projects – whether you require extra technical manpower to help complete a specific project or whether you would prefer to outsource a project in its entirety, we’re at your disposal.

Temporary cover – we can provide cover for sickness, holiday or any other absences including when your IT department are away for training or on secondment. We can also help after the rollout of a new project, providing additional cover.

What Can We Cover?

We offer services covering all the technical areas below and more:

  • We can offer IT support remotely via e-mail, telephone or in person by visiting your premises. We can even white-label our services as your dedicated in-house resource.
  • Resources and project management.
  • Virtual and hosted servers.
  • Workstations – including software cover and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Remote monitoring and management of your critical systems.
  • Infrastructure and networks including broadband and communications, switching, routing, 3CX telephone systems, IP services and Windows AD directories.

Who Can Benefit From AssistRaptor® PAYG?

Our Pay-As-You-Go and ad-hoc support services are ideal if you have an existing IT department that requires extra expertise and resources or complementary support.

 We can also provide our services for those of you who operate on a smaller scale, at every level of IT know-how. We recognise start-ups and small businesses may be unwilling to make a long-term commitment to an ongoing monthly contract for IT support and therefore our service is the ideal solution.

Ready To Find Out More?

If you believe we could help you or you’re interested in finding out more about our PAYG or other IT support services, contact us via email or give us a call today on 0330 124 4340.

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