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The Heart of Our IT Support Service

Service Overview

Our packages include a comprehensive selection of Service Desk outsourcing options to meet the needs of in-house ICT teams. These include everything from overspill services, first line support and third line escalation right up to entirely outsourced services offering a complete Service Desk solution.

What Do We Do And Who Can We Help?

We have clients across all markets, even organisations that have offices worldwide. That’s why you can depend on us to give you the support you need to perfectly meet your companys’ needs.

We supply an extensive choice of Service Desk packages, from fully outsourced operations to specific aspects like first line troubleshooting and call management, overspill services and third line expert escalation resources for your in-house ICT support team.

Should you prefer, we’re happy to integrate as part of your in-house IT team, offering a seamless service that will be indistinguishable from your business.

Key Features - A Quick Overview

Outsource Part or All of your Requirements:

  • Companies that have limited IT resources frequently choose to outsource all of their ICT support functions. If you wish, however, we can offer outsourcing for solely your first line ICT support and ticket management. Alternatively, you can outsource your third line support to us, escalating issues to our team whenever specific expertise is required.

Advanced Ticketing Process:

  • We have a predictable and efficient ticketing process together with a highly sophisticated system of support management.
  • We have complete audit trails for every ticket as well as dashboards in real-time to ensure every issue is promptly resolved, with priority being given by how severely the problem is impacting your business. Also, we base our entire support operation on current ITIL methodology and best practice.

Unlimited Access to our Support Services:

  • We offer unlimited amounts of remote support with our outsourced Service Desk. All pricing is agreed up-front, giving you access to our support as few or as many times as required.
  • We ensure our pricing is highly competitive and affordable to even small businesses.
  • No matter how often you require our help, you’ll be able to contact us by email, telephone or via the client chat application or Client Service Hub. You can choose the most convenient method for you.
  • All members of our front line team has been technically certified and highly trained and we know that resolving your issues has a greater importance than call centre response times.

Simple Creation of Tickets, Transparent Reporting and Progress:

  • Members of staff or possibly a chosen representative from your company, will be able to create tickets on the telephone, via email, through the client chat app or via the web version, mobile app or desktop client of our Client Service Hub.
  • Thanks to our portal, you can keep an eye on how your tickets are progressing and we’ll be able to update you monthly through reports that summarise how you’ve used our services. We’ll also keep you informed about your IT estate.
  • Not only that, we guarantee speedy responses as well as fast resolution of all issues.

Stay On Top Of Things With Monitoring:

  • We offer monitoring of your systems as part of the service we provide. This will enable us to alert your staff to any possible outages or act independently to prevent them from occurring. This will help you to achieve compliance by allowing you to tick the event management box.

Should I Outsource My Service Desk?

No matter whether you use the term Service Desk or Help Desk, it’s no less time consuming and expensive to maintain a comprehensive and efficient in-house support process. Problems arise when absences need to be covered or experienced staff move on, and therefore, outsourcing all or some of its function is a great idea.

Lots of our clients decide to outsource some of their service desk operations to us. For example, by outsourcing level 1 front line support to us they can benefit from our ticketing capabilities or by outsourcing their escalation processes, they can benefit from our specialist expertise.


Whenever you experience a problem with your IT, you’ll have the confidence of knowing we will deal with it expertly, efficiently, transparently and speedily. We’ll also offer you several convenient ways in which you can create support tickets and monitor their progress.

When you outsource your service desk, end-users will have higher perceptions of your IT facilities. The comprehensive, efficient management and cover that we provide increases end-user satisfaction, creating a more positive impression of how your organisations’ support operates.

Immediate Expertise

A key element of the efficient, speedy resolution of issues is thanks to the experience and expertise of our skilled technical team, both collectively via our extensive knowledge base and as individuals.

On-Hand Specialist Resources

It can be extremely expensive to train your organisations’ staff in every area of IT, however, through scale economies, we’re able to offer you technical resources at a greatly reduced cost. As an added advantage, we offer outstanding flexibility, scaling the support resource we offer you to the needs of your business. We are the ideal solution to dealing with backlogs and overflows which may be being experienced by your in-house Help Desk.

Savings on Cost

Together, these factors help in keeping down the cost of IT for your organisation while keeping productivity as high as possible. We base our cost models on monthly payments and transparent pricing which we agree in advance without any hidden costs. This allows you to budget and plan more effectively.

Freeing-Up Resources

Should your organisation already have an IT resource of its own, outsourcing to us frees them up to concentrate on business-focused strategic IT projects or any customised systems you’re running. Also, breaks and absences will always be covered. Finally, you will use less office space, which could be vital for any growing business.

Ready To Find Out More?

If you’re ready to find out more about how we can help you or you require further information about outsourcing your Service Desk or ICT support services to us, call us today on 0330 124 4340.

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