AssistRaptor® Onsite

Accredited IT Experts Supporting Your End-Users In Person

Service Overview

The AssistRaptor Onsite package is the perfect alternative to employing an IT department of your own. We offer unlimited engineer time onsite, remote support, 24×7 remote monitoring and consultancy on-demand as required.

AssistRaptor® Onsite - Onsite IT Support

This package offers unlimited engineering time onsite and this has led to it becoming the most popular support package we offer. It gives businesses of all sizes a comprehensive and complete solution for outsourced support, effectively making us your reliable ICT support team.

Not only can you benefit from our remote 24×7 remote monitoring and management package (AssistRaptor Proactive) and an unlimited amount of remote support (AssistRaptor Rescue), it also offers the advantage of unlimited engineering time onsite.

Your Team Of ICT Experts

The AssistRaptor Onsite package has no hidden fees or costs and offers unrivalled value together with complete transparency, so you can budget more easily for your IT support monthly expenditure. You won’t need to make payment in advance for blocks of hours or have any concerns about using up your engineer onsite time by some specified date – our resources are all available to you as and when you require them.

When combined with the advice and expertise we supply, this package represents the ideal alternative to an in-house IT team, eliminating the need for HR management and extra costs.

Key Features – A Quick Overview

The features that we provide in our remote support and 24×7 remote monitoring and management packages are included as standard:

  • Unlimited support onsite
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone support
  • Unlimited amounts of remote support (servers, e-mail, networks and workstations)
  • Access to our Standard In-house Service Desk between 8am and 6pm every day
  • Preventative maintenance and updates
  • Real time 24×7 monitoring and alerts
  • Customised preventative protection from ransomware
  • Guaranteed resolution and response times
  • Outstandingly high resolution rate on first contact
  • Enterprise-class system of service management
  • Optional service delivery report on a monthly basis for improved transparency
  • Self-service Client Service Hub with web, mobile and desktop versions
  • Technical reviews and dedicated service managers
  • Consultancy and advice on-demand
  • Absolutely no hidden fees or charges 

Key Benefits of AssistRaptor® Onsite

We Provide Unlimited Amounts of Onsite Support with No Additional Fee:

  • Sometimes, technical issues are only able to be resolved when engineers attend your premises in person. Frequently, these issues are the most vital to your companys’ operation.
  • The AssistRaptor Onsite support package covers you for all these eventualities, with no extra cost for fast recovery and technical expertise – we’ll never take advantage of you when you are in most need of our help.

Efficient and Effective Financial Management:

  • The cost of your IT support will be solely restricted to a single monthly payment. You’ll know the cost in advance and it will stay fixed no matter how many times you use our service. This makes it a predictable expense, easing your organisations’ budget management and cash flow.
  • Our AssistRaptor Onsite package saves you from having to pay for limited blocks of time before you need support services or the high expense of having an in-house support team.

Minimal Disruption to Operations:

  • Many companies offering IT support will take their time in responding to your needs, however, we always aim to resolve your problems as rapidly as possible.
  • We guarantee that you’ll be speaking to a qualified and experienced technician within just 15 seconds, not an automated menu or call logger.
  • We know how important it is to minimise disruptions to your operations and customer service remains our top priority.

No Limits Placed on Support:

Full Access to our Technical Expertise Without Restrictions:

  • We know that the recruitment and maintenance of an in-house technician team is expensive and complicated. Having every element of your IT covered just increases the challenge and costs.
  • All members of our technical support team has been fully accredited and highly trained. They are on hand whenever you need their services, resolving your problems.
  • This frees you up to concentrate on managing your business, safe in the knowledge that all of the technology is in place allowing you to achieve growth and commercial success.

Early Alerts Outside Working Hours:

  • We help to avoid any disruption occurring to your company. The 24×7 remote monitoring and management  service we provide enables us to anticipate potential issues before they occur and if a problem does arise, we will notify you before taking appropriate action.

Secure and Simple ICT Management:

  • We will reduce the burden of tackling your ICT issues, saving you time and freeing you up to tackle important commercial activities.
  • We handle your staff as well as application of fixes and patches to all computers in your company on a daily basis including all threat management and anti-virus software updates.

Ready To Find Out More?

Does the AssistRaptor Onsite support package not meet your needs? No worries – we can offer you a tailored and flexible support package with options for Service Desk outsourcing, so call us on 0330 124 4340 to discuss your requirements with us today.

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