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Streamline your software portfolio with Dromaeus software services

Optimise your software asset management with a single source of technology intelligence from Dromaeus.

Total visibility of your software assets

Do you know what software is really driving your business? How are your workforce using licenses? And are they using tools of their own?

Staying on top of your software portfolio gets more complicated by the day with onsite and cloud solutions, and multiple devices replacing the desktop. Dromaeus brings you the technology intelligence you need to manage your costs and fast-track performance.

Software asset management in real-time

Active software portfolio management is essential. You’re putting your business at risk if your workforce is downloading and using unlicensed software. And you could be spending money on redundant technology.

Dromaeus offers complete software asset management, so you always have a real-time view of every piece of software and cloud service in use across your organisation. Reduce costs, avoid compliance and security risks, and optimise the licenses you already own.

Cut costs and complexity with software license management

With our license management software, you have a single place to view your software, cloud and hardware assets, license entitlement and usage metrics. Identifying overlaps, redundancies and licenses to be redeployed is dramatically simplified.

You’ll have all the data you need to hand if you’re audited, and a central point to view all your licensing rights. And stakeholders across your business can create reports tailored to their role.

Never miss your software renewals

Staying on top of your license renewals can be a headache for large organisations. And missing a renewal date often results in fines and penalties. It can even threaten business continuity if business-critical software is unexpectedly removed.

Hand Dromaeus your license renewal schedule, and we’ll make sure you never miss a deadline again. We can even consolidate all your licenses to a single renewal date to simplify your budgeting and potentially offer better rates through our vendor relationships.

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