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Expert IT project management transforms your business

Hand your challenge to our specialist IT project management team, and we’ll deliver your ideal solution, on time and on budget.

IT project management designed for innovation

Today’s digital solutions are changing the way businesses work forever. There are constantly new ways to engage with your customers and your workforce, and to streamline your daily operations. We’ll help you find technologies to give you a competitive edge.

Our experienced and expert IT professional services team will work with you to spot opportunities for technology innovation in your business. Then we design, plan, build and integrate solutions that support your business now and for the future.

SME IT project management – Nottingham and the East Midlands

Whether you want to hand over your project entirely or just part of the process in your IT project lifecycle, we can help. You can expect us to focus on your business goals and tailor a solution that supports those, rather than squeeze you into an off-the-shelf answer.

Our close relationships with third-party vendors mean we’ll access great value and great support on your behalf. And we work across IT and communications, software, hardware, cloud and physical infrastructure. So we can help with whatever you and your project needs.

Prepare for tomorrow with a custom data centre build

As businesses increasingly digitize all of their processes, data is growing exponentially. Dromaeus will help you design, implement and secure a data centre that fits your business today and in the future.

Performance, business continuity and flexibility drive our design process to create affordable and stable systems. Whether you need physical infrastructure, a cloud solution or – more likely – a hybrid data centre, we’ll deliver consistent uptime your business can rely on.

Simplify data management with tailored data storage

If you’re struggling with legacy data systems and complex storage, it’s time to rethink your data infrastructure. Our data storage experts will analyse your business and design systems which improve your effectiveness, reduce costs and scale with your data needs.

We’ll securely migrate your data to your new data environment and ensure end-to-end protection and recoverability. You can expect maximum uptime and total data confidence.

Work faster and smarter with a Dromaeus network build

With more and more business services based in the cloud and teams working with a range of mobile devices, creating a high-performance data network is essential. Dromaeus will audit your current network’s effectiveness then design and implement an ultra-reliable and scalable solution that supports the way you work today.  

Create a truly mobile-first digital workplace

The power of modern personal devices is dramatically changing the workplace. You might have staff working from home, a remote office or site, or on the road. Our feature-rich tools mean employees have all they need to be productive anytime and anywhere.

Dromaeus’s connection and collaboration technology delivers absolute security and a strong, seamless and reliable experience for your workforce.

Digital transformation services to revolutionise your business

Hybrid cloud solutions, the Internet of Things, digital video, virtual reality and the vast array of emerging technologies offer you the chance to revolutionise the way your employees and customers experience your business.

Dromaeus can lead you on your digital transformation journey with new and optimised digital services.

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