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Support Your Employees In Achieving Maximum Productivity

Service Overview

In order to have continued success as a business, you need effective computer performance management. With ManageRaptor® Workstation, we can ensure that your desktop estate is monitored regularly and kept in good health.

ManageRaptor® Workstations - Desktop Management Services

Businesses constantly rely on their desktop infrastructure, so when you experience downtime there is a drop in productivity.

It can be an extremely big distraction and drain trying to keep on top of the maintenance of your business computers. It means your time and energy is taken away from activities that could help your business move in the right direction – forwards.

What Do We Cover?

The ManageRaptor® Workstation Service helps to reduce any downtime and means you don’t need to worry about any of the issues highlighted below. That’s our job.

  • The auditing of your computer hardware and their specifications
  • Issuing reports regarding them and the software they use
  • Issuing reports on problems or incidents when they occur
  • Event management from a remote location
  • 24×7 monitoring to identify and resolve problems
  • The updating of software – the latest hot-fixes and patches are applied comprehensively and painlessly
  • Updating threat management and security tools
  • Ongoing IT support for your staff as they use laptops and PCs
  • We will support, maintain and monitor them to ensure they are always functioning optimally

What Is Involved?

With our IT support service, we will install a non-obtrusive and secure software agent on your desktop computers (servers, laptops or desktop PCs) that will monitor and notifies for various alerts, such as:

  • Threat management and anti-virus
  • Security
  • Issues with performance
  • Performance of your e-mail
  • Disk space
  • Backups
  • Software/Hardware
  • Networking

Is ManageRaptor® Workstations Suitable For You?

Fully scalable, whether you have a small number of computers or a complete enterprise-level business, the ManageRaptor® Workstation Service is suitable for companies of all sizes and types.

It is also ideal whether you’re an in-house IT Team or business manager as you will be free from the hassle and distraction of menial but necessary housekeeping tasks so you can concentrate on the more beneficial things that help move your business forward.

Ready To Find Out More?

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