ManageRaptor® Security

Protect Your Corporate Assets Wherever They Are Vulnerable Or Exposed To The Threat Of Attack

Service Overview

With the layered and managed approach we take to Cyber Security, we can offer you effective defence against the ever-changing threats you face. As well has helping you to comply with industry-requirements, it will also help you to fall in line with regulation changes that have been put in place.

Regulation Changes

As a result of recent regulation changes, all businesses will be expected to follow tighter policies regarding cyber security. As many will be unsure what these changes involve, numerous businesses will need help from experts to meet the new requirements for cyber security.

Although the Ten Steps to Cyber Security and the Governments’ own Cyber Essentials programme are great places to start, they need to be assessed and updated constantly to ensure you stay informed about the constantly changing threats facing your company.

With our own layered approach, we actually go over and above the ten steps that are recommended and before you put forward your Cyber Essentials application, we can help you to analyse your readiness.

What is Meant by a Layered Approach to Cyber Security?

It basically means you will use a combination of different security methods and tools. With a combination in place rather than just one method or tool, the defences you have will be much more effective.

What's Included With ManageRaptor® Security?

With our efficient and powerful ManageRaptor® Security Services, we provide you with protection for your users and important business-related data from external and internal threats, your ICT systems and reduce the theft of data.

With our cutting-edge security solutions designed for businesses, we provide an additional layer of comprehensive protection for everything connected to your complete network, including your users, devices, e-mail systems, applications and its infrastructure.

We will also take care of the monitoring, management and administration of the protection, as well as helping you to plan out a cyber security strategy.

The different fully-managed security solutions we offer includes:

ManageRaptor® Security Services and Support

  • Live, round the clock management and monitoring
  • Scanning for intrusions and threats continually and provided alerts in advance
  • Automatic detection and prevention of ransomware
  • Managing the update and patching of security software
  • Updates and maintenance of software to prevent intrusions and threats
  • On-site and remote support from our in-house service desk
  • Management and resolution of all incidents
  • Configuring OS, applications and devices securely
  • Management of user privilege and access control
  • Security compliance, policies and governance
  • Awareness and education training for all users

ManageRaptor® Security Solutions

With ManageRaptor® Security Solutions, you will receive sophisticated and in-depth protection for you and your employees that is made for the needs of your business, such as:

  • Firewalls/UTM network security and perimeter management
  • Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-virus protection at endpoints and e-mail
  • Protection against fraud, impersonation and e-mail filtering
  • Automated protection and predictive umbrella security against more advanced threats
  • Filtering of content and web protection
  • Management and security of BYOD and Mobile Devices
  • Management of passwords and multi-level authentication
  • Secure access and management of remote workers (VPN)
  • Protection for wireless networks
  • Prevention of data theft and loss
  • Continuity and backup management

Why Choose ManageRaptor® Security?

There is no form of protection that is completely impenetrable, though a layered cyber security solution is crucial to strengthening your level of protection. We will help to identify and implement the correct protection against the different threats, such as firewalls, management of patches, web and e-mail filtering, endpoints, network perimeter and much more – we can protect your businesses against all kinds of attacks.

We add to this protection with our round-the-clock monitoring of your network from our service desk and use fully-tailored tools to handle all risks, including our specialised tool that blocks ransomware. It detects it and restricts infections and viruses from spreading.

Part of an effective strategy for cyber defence includes dedicated time and resources towards educating staff. In order for the majority of malware to infect your network it needs some degree of human interaction or action. When you improve your employees’ awareness and understanding, you can reduce the chances of attacks.

Last but not least, its crucial to having a robust disaster recovery and backup strategy in place to reduce the disruption to normal business operations. As no setup is completely fool proof, it’s important to have a strategy in place that ensures you can get online again and fully operational as soon as possible.

Ready To Find Out More?

Give us a call on 0330 124 4340 or message us today and one of our expert team members will not only give you further information about our ManageRaptor® Security services and solutions, they can also give you information on the Cyber Security Audits and packages we offer.

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