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Ensuring Your Business Is Always Connected

Service Overview

We will ensure that your server and network problems are kept to a minimum through our ManageRaptor® Network Services, helping to prevent business downtime and disruption. We can do this by…

Key Benefits - An Overview

ManageRaptor® Networks has been developed for businesses of all types and sizes. We make use of a combination of specialist IT support technicians and remote-based automation tools to provide your company with an extensive range of unique benefits:

  • Less disruption and less problems
  • Setup without disruption
  • Live monitoring on a 24×7 basis to stay on top of potential problems
  • Pre-emptive and proactive maintenance – we will act on the early alerts and deal with issues
  • Real value for money and scalable pricing
  • Continuous technical support
  • Improved security
  • Software patching, threat management and anti-virus updates

ManageRaptor® Networks - A Fully Managed Infrastructure Solution

As the familiar saying goes ‘prevention is far better than the cure’ which is why we provide 24x7x365 monitoring and management to improve the performance of your network, spotting potential problems and stopping them from happening.

We are able to run various scans and update your threat management, anti-virus definitions, hot-fixes and software patches. This helps to increase the security of your network, while reducing the likelihood of problems occurring.

What Do We Cover?

We are able to provide continuous management, along with configuration, implementation, design or consultation of the technologies highlighted below and a few others too:


  • We have full accreditation from Lenovo, HP, Dell and Microsoft and extensive Linux and Windows server experience (as well as all the hardware involved), including Group Policy Management and Active Directory administration. We also provide coverage for high availability solutions and virtualisation.

Account/Directory Administration

  • We manage the Directory Services for various clients. This includes desktop computer settings, ICT standards, access to resources and data security.


  • We use remote monitoring and management software that is an industry leader as a foundation and have modified it so it checks all key components of your infrastructure and network. As a result, we are always checking for issues and pre-emptively and proactively resolving problems.
  • We ensure that it runs smoothly, reporting on your systems’ health and providing inventories when necessary.

Broadband and Internet

  • We can provide you with an integrated, fully managed and single-stop solution for access to the internet, including the underlying broadband connection (as well as the capability for private links from site to site with failover and redundancy options).
  • We can use firewalling for managing the access and security of your system, along with configuration of your IP (Addressing schemes, DHCP, name hosting and DNS) in order to meet your business needs.

Ethernet and Cabling

  • Our fully qualified engineers carry out all compliance testing, documentation, surveys and installations. It doesn’t matter whether your systems use fibre optics or Ethernet. The installation of cabling we provide is backed by a guarantee of as much as 25 years.

Wireless, VLAN and LAN

  • Along with the actual cabling, we can also assist with the configuration and management of your LAN, including integration with Wireless and VLANs. This coverage includes continuous security, optimisation and maintenance.


  • The expertise we bring to the table includes telephony, meaning we are able to manage the mobility of your company from the Mobile Device Management (MDM) of your mobile phones, using diversion of telephone numbers, to the remote and secure access of your business information and systems for employees in transit and those working from home.


  • When computing is done over any distance, whether it is site-to-site connectivity or remote working, efficient network traffic routing and security is required. We are able to manage this on your behalf and ensure it runs as reliably and smoothly as it can.

Why Choose Dromaeus?

  • Compared to Dromaeus, there is simply no Managed IT supplier locally that can offer the combination of expertise, communications and IT capabilities that we offer. This means you get the most convenient, reliable and choice.
  • We have the industry-relevant certifications and accreditations you are looking for, along with the technical solutions we use that involve industry-leading products and designs.

Ready To Find Out More?

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