ManageRaptor® Mobile

Create The Foundation For A Secure Mobile Enterprise

Service Overview

To reduce the worries and concerns you have about your device management and security, you should consider our ManageRaptor® Mobile Service, that won’t compromise your staff privacy or productivity.

Mobile Device Management

Nowadays, mobile devices and smartphones are essential for business, just as they are for everyday life. We know you need instant access to data and we can help.

Mobile working has put enormous pressure on businesses to allow staff-owned devices and phones (like BYOD) or those supplied by the company to have access to their network. Because this has resulted in a lack of user control and management, it has become a major data security concern.

As a result, companies need to be sure there are adequate safeguards in place that will protect business-related sensitive data and make sure all users are maintaining confidentiality.

Dromaeus is fortunately here to help.

Our ManageRaptor® Mobile Solutions

We can support, secure, manage and monitor all devices used by you and your staff to enable us to integrate and manage them safely within the technology infrastructure of your company. This is made possible by the ManageRaptor® Mobile Service.

This service is supplied remotely and it involves a hassle-free, quick and easy setup. The pricing is determined on a monthly subscription for every user and there is no need for additional infrastructure or hardware.

What Do We Cover?

From the initial enrolment and setup for the entire user life-cycle, to the eventual decommissioning, we will provide device management, monitoring and support.

The Dromaeus Service Desk handles the management and administration of your devices through our over-the-air technology. We will also support your end users.

The extensive service we provide covers:

Remote Password Reset, Memory Wipe and Lock

  • This protects and safeguards your business data when theft or loss occurs

Managing Security

  • We handle the management of the security and compliance of access and usage of devices by establishment of security policies and the enforcement of encryption and pass-codes.

Automated Device Provisioning

  • We will remotely configure and provision all devices for new user setup, Wi-Fi and e-mail etc.

Support for Users

  • Our team will provide the remote support your users need, such as configurations, passcode resets etc.

Location Tracking in Real-Time

  • Our team will provide you with the location tracking and monitoring live, so no matter where any of your devices are, we and you will always know where they are.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Our team will provide you with comprehensive reporting of the status, ownership and registration of devices connecting to your network.

Control of Costs

  • We constantly monitor the data usage of devices to assist in cost control with the management of expenses and viability of assets.

Support for Multiple Platforms

  • We provide support for all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS, smartphones, tablets and devices.

Support for BYOD and Company Devices

  • The support we provide is for BYOD or staff-owned devices and company owned devices, so that both have secure and safe access to your business network. This gives your employees flexibility with regards to the devices they want to use.

Who Is This Service For?

Our ManageRaptor® Mobile services are available and ideal for businesses of any types and sizes. So, whether you are a corporate or SMB and whether your employees use their own devices or company-owned models, it doesn’t matter.

We are flexible enough to work at meeting the specific needs of your business and are able to support anything from one single device to a full company worth.

Ready To Find Out More?

Give us a call on 0330 124 4340 or message us to speak with one of our expert technology team members who can discuss the ManageRaptor® Mobile solutions we offer.

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