ManageRaptor® E-Mail

Keeping Your E-Mails Available Around-The-Clock

Service Overview

Regardless of how small or big your company is, ManageRaptor® E-Mail will make sure your business e-mails are widely available, reliable, secure and safe. All at an affordable cost.

Typical E-Mail Issues That Can Be Prevented

E-mails are such a crucial part of modern business that if a problem occurs,  it can cause a loss in both time and revenue as well as potentially damaging your reputation.

Most common issues reported include:

  • Poor communication leading to dissatisfied customers and business disruptions
  • Phishing and virus concerns, particularly where and when this affects your companys’ reputation
  • Remediating e-mail issues is slow and painful
  • The combination of how complex current e-mail systems are and the amount of time it takes to find and resolve problems
  • Junk mail eats into the resources and takes up lots of disk space, costing lots of money
  • The increased need for extra expensive hardware resources, particularly when they are consumed so readily by junk and spam mail

The services we provide are perfect for any business size, from enterprises to start-ups and everything in between. With ManageRaptor® E-Mail, we will address the above issues quickly which means you save worry, time and money.

Key Benefits of ManageRaptor® E-Mail

Your business can’t function properly without e-mail, so when you don’t have it working properly, your reputation can be affected and you can suffer business loss. Regardless of whether your business is big or small, we can ensure your e-mail is affordable, reliable and efficient with our ManageRaptor® E-Mail Service.

Affordable Monthly Premiums Makes Easier Budgeting

  • Recurrent monthly payments mean pricing is scalable and predictable. There are no surprise payments for hardware and you don’t have to pay for resources you won’t actually use.

Easy to Use

  • Our e-mail system is fully operational and securely Cloud-hosted, meaning it’s available wherever you need to access it from.

Attacks and Security Are Not a Worry

  • We keep everything secure and safe, with all viruses and spam blocked before it actually reaches your system. We also update this protection constantly and what’s more, you don’t need to intervene at all.

Continued Business Operations and as Little Downtime as Possible

  • Virtually no downtime, you are as close as you can be to being on all the time with easily scalable hardware and redundant systems.
  • You can keep communication going through e-mail, wherever and whenever you are and you will not experience any unwanted surprises.

Automatic Archiving

  • You don’t need to invest in expensive and complicated backup hardware systems. All of your important business e-mails are archived automatically but are easy to search for and retrieve when necessary. You will always have a complete audit trail and do not have the burden that comes from needing to upgrade storage or servers constantly.

Ready To Find Out More?

Call us on 0330 124 4340 or send us a message and speak to one of our expert IT team about ManageRaptor® E-Mail or any of our other services.

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