ManageRaptor® Continuity

Protecting Your Critical ICT Systems

Service Overview

With our wide array of ManageRaptor® Continuity Solutions, we will ensure your business runs properly, while reducing the loss of data and protecting your crucial ICT systems, regardless of the type of business you own.

ICT System Protection

With the increased use of ICT in businesses of all sizes and the fact that technology comes at lower prices, people are always on the search for ways to protect against outages, embarrassment and loss, instead of simply making sure that corrupted or lost data can be retrieved.

The continuity solutions we offer are sophisticated and suitable for all business types and sizes. ManageRaptor Continuity® will make sure that your business is always running, loss of data is reduced and your crucial ICT systems are properly protected.

ManageRaptor® Continuity Solutions - A Quick Overview

Below is an outline of our continuity solution benefits for medium and large businesses.

  • Automated testing and verification of recoverability and replication that increases fault tolerance.
  • Awareness of virtualisation, with quick failover to cloud-based or local virtual servers in as little as 5 seconds
  • Broadband utilised optimally on data centre or cloud connections and LAN
  • Creation of brand-new images, before recovery, using previous files, which saves time and provides protection against the damage corrupt images can cause. All of which helps to reduce times for recovery
  • A trail of both the alerting and auditing of file and image changes

Take a look at the Veeam Business Continuity Solutions page for a more comprehensive rundown of these solutions.

For smaller businesses, we also provide a service for Cloud Backup if you are looking for something relatively simple that offers many of the benefits gained from a remote continuity service.

Benefits of ManageRaptor® Continuity

Quicker Recovery Time

  • Thanks to new technologies, we provide options that make sure you are fully operational again within hours (and often even quicker) instead of days.

Remote Location Recovery (both to and from)

  • If your building suffers from a fire, it could result in the loss of your systems, data and the backups you require to recover them. When you have secure continuity options in a remote location, you can avoid this risk.

Technical Issue Insurance

  • Although it can be depressing discovering that technical issues have caused problems with your backups, there are ways to reduce the risks. Risks from things like data corruption being replicated through all of the files you can recover, errors with archive/backup software and hardware issues.

Business Continuity Policy Planning and Implementation

  • It is becoming standard practice for many businesses to plan and implement disaster recovery and continuity policies, as part of their standards of quality programme. An effective and comprehensive ICT continuity solution is a big step to making this achievement.

Protection for More than Just Files

  • Our Continuity solutions lessen the risk and involve more than just the recovery of your files. We can recover full systems, older versions of files and systems and can rebuild and recreate server images and much more.

Everything Else You’ll Get from Us

  • The successful track record and experience we have as experts of this technology
  • We are there when you need it, meaning our expertise is there also when you need it
  • Continuity systems with ongoing and cost-effective monitoring, management and IT support
  • We are a partner with both Datto and Veeam and have a successful business relationship with these suppliers and are covered for all solutions we offer up to the most sophisticated and comprehensive level
  • We cover everything including advice, consultation and design at the initial stages, management of the project, the installation and configuration along with full training on how to use it
  • Clear and transparent pricing, you won’t be hit with hidden costs or surcharges

Ready To Find Out More?

Contact us either by giving us a call on 0330 124 4340 or dropping us a message to discuss our ManageRaptor® Continuity Services, regardless of whether you are corporate-sized or a small business and whether you have IT resources and expertise or not.

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