ManageRaptor® Backup

Fast, Resilient and Highly Secure Backups Of Your Critical Data

Service Overview

Data backup is a priority for all businesses. ManageRaptor® Backup will help to keep your sensitive business data safe and reduce the risk of losing it.

ManageRaptor® Backup - Protection for Your Critical Data

Our amazing ManageRaptor® Backup service will give you the level of protection you need, while reducing the chance of losing important company data. It can happen to anyone, by human error, like deleting a file or by accident like hardware failures or corrupted data.

How having backups helps:

  • Reduces potential risks to business operations and in turn income losses
  • Enhance the Continuity plans you have in place for your business and the implementation of these
  • Gives you less to worry about, knowing your business is protected.

Who Is It Designed For?

We currently have backup solutions that are ideal for organisations of all sizes. This includes relatively small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, we offer ManageRaptor® Backup for enterprise-level organisations as part of our Business Continuity services.

For SMBs, there is also our cost-effective and simple Cloud Backup.

We are happy to help you out, whether you are a member of an in-house IT team and responsible for information and ICT security or own the business.

What Does ManageRaptor® Backup Include?

The primary function of ManageRaptor® Backup is recovering lost information and data.

  • You will be provided with one or more devices for storing copies of data and files, depending on your needs, along with backup scheduling and management software.
  • We normally give our clients the option to archive completed files, as this helps to free up your resources, so they can be used for current data and files you are using.
  • Our technology is designed to be almost completely hassle-free. It does what you need it do to and when you need to do it.

ManageRaptor® Backup Benefits

  • Minimum risks meaning you have less to worry about
  • Software and hardware investment protection
  • Scalability and flexibility that allows you to budget better
  • Balance can easily be adjusted between cost and performance
  • Adds to the much wider planning for Business Continuity
  • Secure and extremely reliable
  • Full IT advice and support is included
  • Remote monitoring and management mean very low footprint for your business
  • Cover for both workstations and servers

How Dromaeus Helps with Managing Your Backups?

As the future depends on your data and information, your backups need to be reliable and checked regularly.

Thanks to the successful and long-term business relationships we have with vendors and our experience in this field, we are suitably positioned to keep your important data safe and ensure you have reliable backup that won’t let you down.

Configuring Your Backup to Get Optimal Use

  • It is essential to setup and configure your backup scheduling to get the most out of your storage, hardware, the best options for recovering files and little disruption to your systems during business hours. When there are changes to circumstances, you may also need to revise your schedules and configurations.

Constant Analysis and Support

  • Our team will not only handle your important requests for file and data recovery, but we also take a proactive approach to alerts.
  • Our automated monitoring and analysing systems operate 24×7, all year round. They have been devised to check when there are problems with your backup and alert us. Additionally, we have a full team of IT support experts who will check your systems regularly and deal with alerts before they develop into real problems.

Hardware Savings and Scalability

  • Our team also monitors your backups day-to-day operations and we are able to inform you of any network bandwidth or storage capacity issues you are likely to have.
  • We can find the best combination of flexible recovery, utilisation of resources and performance to optimise the effectiveness of the backups you have in place. Furthermore, we can provide qualified advice on upgrading options when you need to expand your backup to suit any business expansion that occurs.

Choice of Cloud – On-Premise or Hybrid

  • Our backup options include services that are cloud-based and local, physical devices. This enables you to have a variety of backup options, whether it’s new premises remote disaster recovery or the quick recovery of files.

Low Maintenance

  • As well as ensuring that you have virtually nothing to worry about when it comes to maintenance, we will also help to manage the utilisation of your resources.
  • This means that you will not be taken by surprise because your backups have stopped working due to lack of space. We will manage them actively for you, utilising jobs and using Cloud archiving to prolong their life and we will always give you enough time to budget and plan for any necessary hardware upgrades.

Ready for Virtualisation

  • ManageRaptor® Backup is ready for virtualisation, which means they are image-based and therefore cover everything including your data and files. It has been designed to be compatible with the virtualisation of your server. This means you can have your systems up and running in the least amount of time possible, if they encounter problems.

Ready To Find Out More?

Give us a call on 0330 124 434 or send us a message today to speak to one of our fully qualified team members, who will discuss how our continuity and ManageRaptor® backup services can give your business, big or small, the protection it needs.

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