IT Services: Is Managed IT Services or Ad-Hoc support (Break/Fix) right for you

Is Managed IT Services or Ad-Hoc Support (Break/Fix) Best For Your Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, you will need IT support. Outsourcing your IT support ensures your business runs smoothly. As well as this, it also allows your internal IT staff to work on more strategic, profit-driven tasks and processes. This can help you make the most of their skillset. However, when it comes to IT support there are two main options available; managed IT services and ad-hoc support (break/fix). So, which one is best for your business needs?

The difference between managed IT services and ad-hoc support (break/fix)

A traditional IT support set up uses a reactive approach. Ad-hoc support, also known as break/fix works by contacting IT support after a problem has occurred. The IT team will then offer a solution or fix the problem.

Ad-hoc support (break/fix) solutions are commonplace in almost every industry, from calling out a plumber to a vehicle breakdown recovery service. Ad-hoc support is easy to use and deploy across your business.

Another IT support option is to use managed IT services. As the name suggests, managed IT services will mean handing the responsibility and management of some or all of your IT systems to a managed service provider. As well as helping in reactive situations, when something breaks, they can also be proactive. Managed IT services will ensure upgrades happen regularly as well as monitoring your IT for any potential issues that may occur.

With managed IT services your business can focus on your objectives and continue to grow your business. Knowing that your IT is taken care off, you can focus on core business requirements.

Is ad-hoc support (break/fix) or managed IT services right for your business?

Different business will benefit from either support services in very different ways.

Ad-hoc support (break/fix) is right for your business if;

  • You have a strong IT system that rarely faces issues
  • You are looking to streamline your IT budget
  • Your business can cope with various, fluctuating costs of IT support billing
  • You have on-site IT support to help with employee requests, upgrades and implementation.
  • Your business can handle downtime during IT breakdowns.

However, remember that there are some considerations for ad-hoc support (break/fix). For example, you will need to think about your upgrades. You will also need to consider your own IT purchases that can help to support your systems and improve workplace security. You will also need to think about whether the downtime for reactive responses will impact your profitability. After all, downtime could result in loss of revenue and customers.

Managed IT services is right for your business if;

  • You want reliable support at a fixed monthly fee
  • You need to limit the risk of downtime
  • Your business would need access to outsourced IT professionals
  • Your business wants to improve their network, automation and infrastructure continually
  • You want high-quality IT support without employing internal IT staff.

As a general rule, managed IT services will seem more expensive than ad-hoc support (break/fix) solutions. However, you may find that you are able to get a lot more for your money with a fixed monthly cost. After all, you have a team of skilled IT professionals on hand for any queries as well as system monitoring and upgrades conducted when they are necessary.

Find the right IT support for you

At Dromaeus, we offer both managed IT services as well as ad-hoc support (break/fix), so our team can find the right solution to suit your needs. From our fully scalable ManageRaptor® solution to our essential AssistRaptor®, we have friendly cost-effective support options to give your business as much or as little IT support that it needs. Find the right solution for you by calling the team on 0800 123 4567 for free, friendly advice.

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