Accidentally deleted an important email?

Email is an essential lifeline

With us all receiving tens, if not hundreds, of emails per day – across numerous devices, it is so easy to accidentally delete or misfile an email, never to be seen again!

With nearly all of industries now relying on email as a formal, (and legally recognised) form of communication, it has never been more important to ensure you never lose anything from your mailbox.

I have seen occurrences in my career where a client won a court battle against a supplier because they were able to produce email evidence of a contractual discussion. The win saved them from a potential £25m loss. Quite a unique example, however a pertinent one to the value of access to email.

So much like your file data, you’d want to ensure your backup is protecting your emails too?


How can I protect my email?

With email carrying such a level of significance to all our livelihoods, we’d best make sure that we can recover a single email, just as readily as our entire file server.

Most entry to mid-level backup services won’t have a provision to back up your email platform. Particularly if it’s something complex like Microsoft Exchange that you are running within your own premises, or, if you are hosting your email within a service such as Office 365.

Nevertheless! There are services that can.


What services are available?

There are several backup service operators that now support direct integration to back up from, and restore to, email hosting services, (whether that is on-premises or within services including Office 365).

Every IT professional will have their preferred choice and as a provider of Managed IT Services we have a few options open to us, which we compare to best meet the needs of our individual clients.


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