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Cloud solutions unleash your business potential

Find ultimate business freedom with flexible, scalable and accessible cloud solutions from Dromaeus.

Making cloud IT straightforward

Cloud computing is a simple idea. Instead of keeping all your servers, storage, databases, networks and software onsite, they’re delivered via the internet, or “cloud”.

But the raft of jargon that goes with cloud solutions means it can be far from simple to find what you need. Dromaeus designs and implements reliable cloud-hosted IT systems to fit your business perfectly.

Relax with Dromaeus cloud server hosting

We offer a range of cloud server hosting options, and we also manage server migration and ongoing support.

Public Cloud

Access your virtual server over the internet, skipping the need to house and maintain physical servers onsite. You’ll pay only for the services you need, and it’s easy to scale up and down.

Private Cloud

Businesses with high security and compliance needs can still enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Dromaeus will design and build private and dedicated cloud infrastructure on your premises or host it remotely.

Hybrid Cloud

If only some of your workload is suited to the cloud, but you want the benefits of cloud flexibility and cost-savings, we can design a hybrid public-and-private cloud solution with Colocation, virtual servers and existing on-premise hardware.

Colocation Services

Colocation lets you reduce the costs of monitoring and maintaining your own server while keeping total control 24/7. Rent space in one of our secure and convenient data houses.

Get more from Microsoft with cloud-based Office 365

Migrate to the industry-leading Office 365 to enjoy all your favourite Microsoft applications and so much more in the cloud. A full suite of remote and collaborative tools means you can work smarter wherever you are. With automatic updates, bug fixes and security patches, your Office 365 is always improving.

True mobility with a virtual desktop

Create a virtual desktop in the cloud, and you’ll have the same experience as you would at a desktop PC, but access is via a smartphone, tablet or any internet-enabled device. One simple, monthly subscription includes unlimited remote support, managed updates and automatic back-ups, saving you time and money.

Cut costs with cloud-hosted email and telephony

Switch your email and telephony to the cloud to unlock even greater cost savings. Dromaeus offers premium, cloud-enabled email for your business using Microsoft Exchange and cloud-based, hosted voice calls over the internet. All supported by our in-house Service Desk team.

Secure your data with cloud storage, cloud backup and more

And there are so many other ways to leverage cloud solutions for your business. Dromaeus offers cloud storage, cloud backup services for an immediate restore of your critical data, anti-virus systems, anti-spam and more. Call us to find how a tailored cloud solution can change the way you work.

Why choose Dromaeus cloud solutions?

Whether you’re a start-up looking for maximum functionality with minimum on-premise stress, or an established business looking to streamline your IT systems, cloud computing offers extraordinary possibilities.

  • Flexibility – access what you need, wherever you are in the world
  • Value – cut capex costs of buying and maintaining hardware and software
  • Security – cloud providers meet global standards and constantly monitor threats
  • Reliability – updates, patches and back-ups run automatically
  • Scalability – easily add and remove users and pay only for the services you use

Trust Dromaeus to tailor a solution that gives you all the benefits of onsite hosting without the cost, maintenance and space headaches.

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