We strongly advise you follow the 3-2-1 backup rule.

The issues with not following a set of rules…

Backing up your critical data isn’t something you should neglect; you need to ensure that your critical information will survive any unpredictable circumstance.

Too many Businesses & individuals have hurt from data loss following a system failure, file corruption, accidental deletion, or even by natural disaster! Although most common of all in today’s world, will be loss through you becoming a victim to a random cyber-attack.

You may well take a copy of your files and save them to an external disk or dump a copy in the Cloud, but is that a safe enough backup to protect your business from total loss?


Welcome to the 3-2-1 backup rule…

A rigorous practice to cover nearly all eventualities of data loss and requirement for recovery.

An easy-to-remember structure for keeping all your classified details and company data defended & recoverable should the worst happen.

At all times, keep at least THREE replicates of your up-to-date data.

You can’t envisage data loss, or worse, a cyber-attack. Having at least three individual backup copies of your data helps to best mitigate the risk of loss. One copy being your original file data (on your server/s or cloud storage), with a further two identical copies being stored in alternative locations as your backup sources.

Store TWO backup copies on unique devices or storage media.

Nothing lasts a lifetime, (asides plastic). We must all remember those storage devices will suffer a failure at some point in their life, or if they are connected to your network at the point of a cyber-attack striking, may well become contaminated and suffer loss too.

Therefore, to expand peace of mind, you should always have several copies on unique devices, and they shouldn’t be the same product, with slim odds of corrupting at the same time.

Keep at least ONE backup copy offsite.

A simple, yet very important rule. If you follow the first two rules, you’re on the right track, but if you don’t have an offsite backup, you’re not completely defended.

You’ve undoubtedly guessed why, if your external hard drives, disks or cloud storage are all connected to your system, whilst it corrupts or gets attacked, it’s all infected & your numerous points of recovery are lost in one fell swoop.

Whereas if you’ve got a copy offsite, you will still have a recovery point to restore your critical systems and retrieve all your information should all else fail.


Why follow the 3-2-1 rule?

Given the upsurge in Cyber-attacks, Ransomware hitting businesses left, right and centre, I can’t see any reason you wouldn’t want to defend your crucial data.

With people often miscalculating the likelihood of having a natural disaster, suffering from accidental deletion or corruption, or even the victim of a hacker. The stakes have never been so high, with your business on the line, backup is important to protect livelihoods.

When applying the 3-2-1 rule, don’t forget to use a robust trusted solution, which is where we come in.


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